5 Best Aquarium Fishes For A Fish Bowl Without Filters

Best aquarium fishes for fish bowls are very hardy, small and possibly cold water species of fish. Although we do not recommend keeping fish in a small bowl. Best aquarium fishes for a fish bowl are below

1. Guppies

2. Betta Fish

3. Paradise Fish.

4. Zebra Danios

5. Cherry Shrimp

1. Guppy

The guppy fish is known as million fish or rainbow fish. Guppies can live in a bowl without a filter. An adult size guppy can be upto 2 inches. Guppy can live upto four or five years. You can keep a pair of guppies in a 1.5 gal size bowl. The temperature should be in 75°F or 25°C. Air pump can be helpful also.

2. Betta Fish

The betta fish is commonly known as the siamese fighting fish. It is a freshwater fish and originates from southeast asia like Cambodia,Laos,Myanmar,Thailand,Malaysia, vietnam. They can survive in bowls and other confined spaces. But they are most healthy,long lived in larger spaces. 1.5 gal size bowl for one betta fish. Temperature should be in 75°F or 25°C. Air pump is not necessary. Because It can breathe atmospheric air.

3.Paradise Fish

The paradise fish is freshwater fish. It’s origin is found in east asia like Korea,Vietnam. It’s Size can be upto 5.5 cm. The paradise fish is one of the most aggressive members of it’s family name gourami. They can live alone but accept other large and non aggressive freshwater fishes. You can keep only one fish in a 1.5 gal size bowl in 75°F temperature. Air pump not needed.

4. Zebra Danios

The zebra danios is a freshwater fish belonging to the minnow family of the order Cypriniformes.It originates from south asia and It is one of the most popular aquarium fish. Adult zebra Danios size can be 2 inches. It can live upto 5 years. You can stock 2-3 fishes in a 1.5 gal size bowl at 75°F temperature. Air pump can be helpful.

5.Cherry Shrimp

Cherry shrimp is a freshwater fish from Taiwan. It is commonly kept in aquaria. As we know the natural shrimp color is green-brown. Basically cherry shrimps are red. Upto 10 cherry shrimps can live in a 2 gal size bowl. Temperature should be in 70°F or 23°C. Air pump can be helpful also. 

These are the best 5 fishes for fish bowls. Small fishes need less space and water. So small freshwater fish are best kept in bowls.

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