How long can a dog survive without food?

Every living animal needs food to survive. Without it everyone will eventually die. Your dog is no exception. Now humans can say I am hungry and I need food. But your dogs cant tell you that he/she is sick. How Do you understand How long can a dog go without food?

Good, First of all don’t worry too much. An average healthy can go up to five days without food.(Extreme situation). If your dog lives in a street hunting for food every day in some cases they can live seven days without food.

If you are searching for this, you probably have a dog that doesn’t eat and you want to take it for a walk.

Why your dog is not eating?

Our experts say dog stop eating for 3 primary reason

1-Health problem

how long can a dog survive without food

If your dog is feeling nauseated, its teeth hurt, It got vaccinations, or it has a serious health issue. If your dog suddenly stops eating and drinking the best idea is to visit your local vet.

Sometimes your dog recovers on its own. But sometimes it’s got a major health issue.

2-Pickiness problem

Some dogs are not sick they are picky. There are refuse to eat maybe you feed them something they don’t like. Some dogs are not comfortable to eat in the bowl or the position of eating place. Some dogs like wet food some like dry food.

3- Lifestyle problem

Almost every dog don’t want to eat when they first arrive at the shelter because they are so depressed. Changing lifestyle needs a long time for the dog to adjust. Don’t think too much, Just try to let it believe that you love it.

How long can a dog go without food?

dog walk

There are some major changes that happened to their body when to go to long run. A study happened in 2013 found when a dog in the long run their body

  • ·         Low albumin (blood protein)
  • ·         High BUN
  • ·         Low platelets
  • ·         Decrease red blood
  • ·         Low blood calcium

Another interesting thing found that dogs do go into ketosis when they are starving like us.

In general, a dog can go up seven days without food.

But it depend in some factor of your dog

Age- It is normal that an old dog can’t go more than a young dog. But to the owners, old dogs are more valuable than young dogs. Cause you live with them for so many years.

Health condition- Maybe your dog is young but it is not healthy enough. It can’t go long. Sometimes you may notice your dog’s health problem. Sometimes you may not. If you can find it ,you can fixing buy calling your local vet for advice or by taking your pet to them. When you saw your dog not playing with you properly and you do not find what happened. The best advice is to take it to a local vet office.

Access to water- Dogs can survive 10 to 15 days without food but water. Now think about how important water in your dog’s life. It is very important also for your body

How much water does a dog need?

There is no research available about that But our experts say dogs should drink approximately 1 ounce of water.

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