How to clean algae from fish tanks?

Owning fish tank algae is inevitable. With proper planning and guideline, you clean 100% of them. Hears everything to clean algae from the fish tank.

Some popular types of Algae :

Removing algae

Removing algae

is depends on the type. Some algae are difficult to remove some are very easy to remove

Brown algae.

It’s also called Silica algae. This type of

algae is not good to look at. At the same time, brown algae are very easy to

Remove. In new tanks it’s prevalent most.

Blue-green Algae:

green algae

It’s called slime algae. If your tank has so

much nitrate and phosphate then blue-green algae will come. Its grow so rapidly and hard

to control once it starts growing

Hair Algae:

Hair Algae

 I grew like hair that’s why its

called hair algae. This type of algae basically grown in excess of certain

nutrients like iron and too much light. This algae is so hard to get rid of cause

its grown so rapidly. You can clean with a toothbrush. But that is not the solution.


 This type of algae causes a green spot on your tank wall. And some slowly growing plants

are so difficult to clean. There are lots of things that cause this problem. You

We need a permanent solution.

Reason for Algae in Aquarium: 

Algae are kind of plant. And the rich environment of the

aquarium is the perfect place to live. And their existence makes the aquarium


  • Leaving  lights on for too long        
  •  Getting too much sunlight direct    
  • Giving too much fish food in aquarium
  • Dirty water
  • Uncontrolled PH level
  • Too many nutrients

To clean algae from your fish tank

cleaning aquarium

Tank Water: Al least change water once in a week to maintain the PH and other measurement lives like ( iron, ammonia, phosphate). After changing the water if any measurement is not in balance you need special treatment. That is also harmful for your fish.

Filter: Make sure your filter is tip-top. If algae persist after a regular water change. It may be a problem with your filter. A good quality filter is necessary for your fish and fish tank also. 

Nutrients Control: Nutrients are like magnets and algae are like iron. That means any nutrients left are quickly caught by algae. IF you have too many nutrients and few plants those free nutrients help to grow algae. The solution is to change the water regularly. And use limited nutrients to feed plants not algae. Or you can use liquid fertilizer. If you don’t have a live plant you need some extra care. So we suggest having some live plants in your tank.

Take time: The internet will tell you to do this or do that. Those are wrong? No. If you make any change take time to see what happens. Don’t panic. It takes 15-20 days to do any change to your fish tank. Do not make multiple changes at a time that may kill your fish.

SunLight: By photosynthesis trees make food. And it helps algae to grow rapidly. It seems like you are adding music to their dance. Don’t put your fish tank in direct sunlight.

Artificial Light:  

One of the best ways to play with algae is to give less light. If you have a natural plant give light 8 hours per day. If you don’t have a live plant let the fish sleep when you are sleeping. Turn off the light when you are not watching. But if you don’t turn on the light and don’t take care ( in a bin) for a few days.  Some health plants can survive most of them being affected. Then the real Ghost came it’s called “blackout”. This type of algae is so difficult to remove.

Fish Food:

feeding fish

Though the food is for your fish. But you got some bad guests.They eat your waste food and make your tank dirty. So every time you feed your fish make sure you feed it enough. Not much that will help algae to grow well. If you have a good type of filter you don’t need to worry. If your filter can’t, you have to do it manually. Having a good type of filter is also helpful for your fish and you. you don’t need to worry about changing the water regularly. No one likes it   

Water temperature: warm water is a dancing environment for algae. Most probably you have an aquarium heater, You might see some algae around the heater. The advice is to keep it at a good temperature don’t overuse it.

Oxygen: High level of CO2 is helping algae to grow easily. Make sure you have a good quality oxygen pump and it works properly.

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