What Is Chicken Meal in Dog Food?

Dog chacken meal

A chicken meal is a kind of chicken meat composed of clean flesh, skin, and skeletal material. The chicken meal refers to the combination of chicken meat and skin in dog food.

How its made?

It is  important to know where the chicken meal comes from. Meat and other parts of the bird, such as the feet and necks, can also be included in chicken meal. 

You should be aware that chicken meal contains parts that cannot be consumed by humans. There are instances when chicken meal source is actually 4D meat (meat from dead, dying, diseased or disabled animals), in which case new concerns arise, including the possibility of foreign objects or level of pharmaceuticals that are dangerous.

 By using inferior (and sometimes scary) ingredients, the manufacturer saves money, but the real cost to your dog is their ill health. A chicken meal is made by dehydrating and cooking the parts for a long time at high temperatures. During the high-temperature rendering process, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and organisms are killed in the separation of the fat and removal of the water. 

The result is a concentrated protein powder similar to corn meal, so it is called “meal.” As a result, it is not uncommon for all of the nutrients to be lost (sometimes referred to as “dead food”), causing foods to be artificially sprayed to meet AAFCO nutritional requirements.

Is it bad for dogs?

chacken meal

The use of chicken meal in pet food has its benefits and its drawbacks. A disadvantage of chicken meal is how it affects dog food digestion

Pets BEST digest and absorb essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients naturally instead of using chicken meal, pills, or powder supplements. 

Humans should not eat meat that comes from 4D animals. A rendering process kills everything, including vitamins and natural nutrients. Nutrients manufactured with artificial ingredients are difficult to digest.So you need to know about the chicken food first. 

 There is no such thing as a whole food ingredient: It really boils down to digestibility, which depends on good nutrition, healthier bodies, glossy coats, and regular stools.

Even though chicken meal is an approved protein source in pet food, 

Is it good for dog?

Chacken meal bad for dog

The answer is yes!

 Chicken meal contains a number of nutritional benefits, which is why it’s commonly used in dog food. Protein is one of the most essential nutrients found in chicken meal as it plays various roles in everything from brain development to immune system functions.

 The natural building block of cartilage tissue is glucosamine, which is also found in chicken meal. 

You should choose a dog food with additional glucosamine beyond chicken meal, as it can help your dog maintain healthy joints.

what is chicken by-product in dog food?

Dog eating

Are chicken by-products in dog food safe for my dog to eat?

Yes! The chicken by-products we choose to use in Purina dog foods meet the careful criteria established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), and they also meet our own strict safety guidelines. We source our chicken by-products from non-rendered, clean chicken parts.

Want to learn more about our commitment to safety and nutrition? Click here to read more about the steps we take to monitor the quality and safety of your dog’s food. 

Yes! Every ingredient we use in our dog food plays an important role in providing your dog with the complete and balanced nutrition he needs to thrive. Your dog can’t get all of the nutrients he needs from meat alone, and chicken by-products are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats — plus essential vitamins and minerals. Chicken by-products in dog food contain between 60 and 70 percent protein, and they’re highly digestible.

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